Yes do it! It’s Gonna be like Disneyland….(It’s Naw Ruz)

I don’t know what you are thinking that I was being urged to go ahead and do that was going to be like Disneyland but, I can assure you it’s all good. These were the words of one of my friends, when I ran my idea by her about what I wanted to prepare for our community Naw Ruz Celebrations 🙂

Naw Ruz is the first day of the Bahá’í calendar and of course our New year (March 21), naturally because it is our new year it is a day when Baha’is suspend work and enjoy the day.  This day also marks the coming of spring and a whole spirit of renewal with blooming of flowers, peeping out and opening up of tiny green leaves, birds whistling and flying pass your window and so forth. Though I have not seen any new leaves or flowers bloom as yet here in Finland, I have seen birds flying pass my window and heard some chirping.  When I saw the first bird last week or the week before I was so excited, I called to my flatmate and said guess what I just saw? A bird, she was excited too and said where, I said it was just on the tree that  is outside my window. Yes folks, Finland has taught me to appreciate nature and all God’s creatures, especially after a long winter. So just as the birds and the bees (those two just seem to go together) and the flowers are renewing their beauty and refreshing themselves for the spring, Baha’is the world over were given the opportunity to do the same,  spiritually.

The last month of the Bahá’í year, is the month in which we fast, we prepare ourselves spiritually for the coming year and are given an opportunity to reflect on our lives , and this material fasting is just a token and reminder of this period and our spiritual rejuvenation. Now you may be wondering if the Bahá’í months are the same as the Gregorian calendar and if so, why is it that  our new year fall in March right? Well a Bahá’í month consist of 19 days, and the Bahá’í year is made up of 19 months, that is why. So when we fast we refrain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset for 19 days. So basically I get up at around 5am or so, start making my porridge and whatever else my stomach can handle at that hour, then eat, drink and pray before the sun rises (you can pray after the sun rises too). Then when the sun sets, I go say my prayers and eat and drink.  Julia Roberts do eat, pray, love, and I do eat, pray, drink (water of course).

So at the end of this fasting period ( 02-20 march) we have our Naw Ruz celebrations, which in most communities can happen on the eve of Naw Ruz like my current community did this evening.  This is why my friend told me about Disneyland,   I was wondering what to take as my contribution to this feast, so I ran the candied apple idea by my friend and was debating whether I should do it. As people these days some don’t like sugar, or too much sweet or this or that, you know how it goes. Then my friend was like “yes, do it, do it! It’s gonna be like Disney land! I like sugar, I will eat it! Do it! So I figure if one look or bite of my candied apples can make people feel like they are in Disneyland, who am I to deny this bounty.

As a labour of love I did the candied apple and had three different toppings (I like to play around with textures and tastes), with little tags and nicely wrapped with ribbons too, very festive, get you in the mood of Naw Ruz (or disney). Hey if I’m gonna be compared to Disneyland  I gotto at least try to make it rain, right. So I candied, added toppings, wrapped, added ribbons and labeled with a love note saying “Happy Naw Ruz 169”

…So I had three topping flavours, freshly toasted peanuts, dutch fruity sprinkles and Nigerian dark mint (tom tom)

..I also did candied apple halves which worked well especially for those  not wanting an entire apple

Finished product Dutch fruity sprinkled candied apple

Nigerian dark mint flavoured candied apple

…the batch is expanding….

..yes my dears a happy Nw ruz to you, it did take many hours but like I said it was a labour of love.

Needless to say they were a big hit, I think people were more fascinated with the packaging than the apples. Many took theirs’ home (that was the intended idea, as I know at Naw Ruz feast there is so much food) and I also know they will taste better tomorrow when you open that fridge and is instantly transported  to Disneyland.

Until next time, Happy Naw Ruz!!! xx

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